What is the OJBC?

The Open Justice Broker Consortium is a non-profit membership organization of government agencies and jurisdictions, dedicated to improving justice information sharing through the reuse of low-cost, standards-based integration software.  The OJBC unlocks the power of open source software and cross-boundary collaboration to promote a more effective, efficient justice system.  Organizations that adopt the OJB platform and participate as Consortium Members can:

  • Access powerful integrated justice technology at very low cost
  • Preserve agency autonomy for choosing systems while using modern technologies to integrate disparate systems
  • Develop and share technology and ideas across jurisdictional boundaries
  • More easily build to national justice and public safety community standards, such as the Global Reference Architecture and National Information Exchange Model
  • Participate in a community dedicated to improved information sharing and effective use of taxpayer-funded technology
  • Access expertise and implementation assistance via OJBC Membership
How to Join

OJB Capabilities

OJB users can customize, deploy, and exploit its core information-sharing capabilities, including:

  • Streamlined Federated Query (People, Vehicles, Firearms, Incidents)
  • Integration Of Commonly Used Records, Case and Jail Management Systems (RMS, CMS and JMS)
  • Real-time Subscription/Notification (Event Alerting)
  • System Interfaces to Trigger Subscriptions/Notifications
  • Web Portal (Browser-based Interface) for User-Facing Functionality
  • Federated Identity Management with SAML & GFIPM
  • Event Reporting & Automation of Key Justice Workflows
  • Rap Back (FBI and State)
  • Data Analytics

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