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On March 5th OJBC leadership, including representatives from Adams County, Colorado and Pima County, Arizona, presented about Building and Supporting Cross-System Data Sharing  at the 2018 NACo Legislative Conference  in Washington DC.  The session focused on established practices and lessons-learned for cross-agency information sharing, at the County level - with a specific focus on collecting and analyzing Jail, Law Enforcement and Behavioral Health Data. For more information about this session or the accomplishments of Adams County or Pima County, please contact us!.
Hawaii County—the largest county in the State of Hawaii—encompasses the “Big Island” of Hawaii and has an estimated population of close to 200,000 residents. Click here to learn how the County’s Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, through the Open Justice Broker Consortium, uses functionality offered by open source software to keep track of felony defendants and safeguard public safety.