OJBC: Collaborating, Sharing, Reusing

Who Are OJBC Members?

OJBC Members are criminal justice and public safety government entities at all levels—local, state, tribal, and federal.  Using the Open Justice Broker technology platform, OJBC members develop information sharing capabilities collaboratively and collectively, then share and reuse them. OJBC Membership provides a low-cost way for jurisdictions to acquire and use technology for critical justice information exchanges.

The OJB source code is available under an open source license, which means anybody can access it at no cost—subject to certain rights, privileges, and obligations. But membership in the OJB Consortium offers additional valuable benefits:

OJB Participation

Current Consortium members include the States of Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, and Vermont.  The OJBC offers three Membership levels with pricing flexibility to make joining easier.

Membership Levels

How to Join

The OJBC enthusiastically welcomes interest from new members. Just contact info@ojbc.org and we will respond with more information.

Current OJBC Full Members


Joined: June 1, 2011
Level: Full
Lead Agency: Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center
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Joined: July 1, 2012
Level: Full
Lead Agency: Maine State Police
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Joined: January 1, 2015
Level: Full
Lead Agency: Michigan State Police
OJB Capabilities Under Development: Statewide electronic warrants exchange capability; Juvenile court case federated query
Prosecution Decision Reporting to Development


Joined: January 1, 2013
Level: Full
Lead Agency: Vermont Department of Public Safety
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