On September 1, in partnership with the Crime Research Group and Vermont Department of Public Safety, the OJBC completed implementation of a suite of dashboards and ad-hoc analytics capabilities within the Open Justice Broker platform.

These tools focus on priority areas for Vermont, including drug crime, pretrial services implementation, and law enforcement incidents.  A dashboard in each of these areas provides an at-a-glance summary of key analytical measures, while a more comprehensive ad-hoc query capability makes a wider range of measures and analytical dimensions available for use.  The loading of data into an analytical database occurs as part of the real-time, standards-based sharing of incident, disposition, and pretrial intake information in the state, via the Open Justice Broker platform.

While the Vermont implementation focused on these business areas, the OJB Analytics platform is generic–that is, it is able to handle anonymization, aggregation, and reporting of any data flowing through the OJB.

As with all core OJB functionality, the OJB analytics platform is available under an open source license on the organization’s GitHub site.  The OJB leverages leading open source analytics software tools, such as Pentaho, Saiku, Pentaho’s Community Chart Components, Dashboard Components from Ivy SystemsR, and MySQL.

OJB Dashboard Screenshot
OJB Drug Crime Dashboard Screenshot. Note: data displayed in this dashboard are randomly-generated for demo purposes and do not reflect actual values from real operations in any jurisdiction.