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The Open Justice Broker Consortium is a nonprofit membership organization of local, state, tribal, and federal government entities that cooperatively evolves and governs a set of tools to facilitate justice information sharing and automated business processes.


OJBC’s mission is to support the exchange of critical information within the justice and public safety community.  The Open Justice Broker—a reliable, secure technology platform—contains all core features and information exchanges, and is available at no cost through an open source license.  This supports the OJBC philosophy of lowering barriers to justice information sharing. Anybody can be licensed to use the OJB, and are subject to certain rights, privileges, and obligations. OJB licensees

  • may access existing information sharing capabilities implemented by other jurisdictions and modify them as needed;
  • contribute exchanges from their own projects for reuse and enhancement by others;
  • benefit from the ongoing evolution and expansion of the platform—as new capabilities are added, they are available for reuse.

OJB Members have the same rights as other licensees, but have additional valuable benefits.  When Members join the OJBC, their dues provide access to staff expertise to design, develop, and implement information sharing capabilities—as well as additional support, networking, and collaboration opportunities via an annual OJB Implementers Conference.

Check out our Membership page for details on our three Membership levels and pricing.


Why reinvent the wheel when trying to develop and implement justice information-sharing software processes?

Use what has other jurisdictions have successfully implemented in compliance with national and industry standards—and customize to your specifications. Since its founding in 2011, the OJBC has implemented over five dozen justice exchanges across a wide range of agencies and technology systems.

These were implemented at a fraction of the cost of comparable commercial solutions, and include features such as federated query, subscription/ notification, event reporting, and more.

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