When you clone the ojbc/main repository from GitHub, the OJBC is licensing the software to you and/or your organization, under the Reciprocal Public License, version 1.5. Like any license, the RPL states the terms and conditions under which you are authorized to use and modify the software. The key points are:

  1. There is no cost to license the software or the source code…it is available to you to download.
  2. You can build it and deploy it as many times as you like.
  3. You can redistribute it, in executable or source-code form, to anyone you like, as long as you do so also under the RPL.
  4. You are free to modify the source code, either for your own purposes or to provide to others. However, the license requires that you contribute these modifications (in legal terms, derivative works) back to the community by creating a pull request in GitHub. OJBC staff are always available to assist with facilitating contributions; you can email us directly at info@ojbc.org, or find us on the mailing lists.
  5. If you are a private industry contributor, you are welcome to download and build the source code, use it in the projects you deploy to your clients, and use it in your software. Just note that if you create derivative works, you must contribute those back to the project, and if you distribute (whether for a fee or not) the software, you must do so under the RPL. Again, OJBC staff are always happy to help with any questions!

Note that it is entirely possible to build components that interoperate with the OJB but are not themselves derivative works. For instance, a software vendor may build an adapter to interface to its proprietary system, and expose that interface to other OJB components such as the federated query intermediaries. As long as this adapter does not involve modification to existing, RPL-licensed OJB source code, it would most likely not be considered a derivative work and can be licensed under any terms the vendor chooses. That being said: the OJBC welcomes contributions of new, non-derivative components, and Members that contribute such components are even eligible to apply for a discount on next year’s dues. Contact the OJBC staff at info@ojbc.org for more information.

Disclaimer: this blog post does not constitute legal advice. Please contact a qualified attorney for information on how the RPL and OJBC license apply to your situation.